Beatrice Lebreton


As human beings and more so as women, we are born into stereotypes and expectations. Therefore, in order to find ourselves and connect with our own identities, we have to break all that down.  This woman is defiant and demand respect. She uncovered and captured her essence as female which came from self-acceptance.

Beatrice Lebreton is a French native artist now based in Harlem working in mixed media painting and public art.  She holds an MFA from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris and an MA in African Art History from La Sorbonne University.

She is inspired by her multicultural heritage and like to combine both abstract and realist elements. She works in series dealing with the female image, women’s contributions, struggles and identity, while honoring women of color.

Her work has progressively developed into the narrative, creating stories and social commentaries… using it as a means of communication, focusing on symbolism and metaphors.