Jessica Nissen


Bubbles are emptiness_ a tiny cloud shielding a mathematical singularity,” Andrea Prosperetti writes, “Born from chance, a violent and brief life ending in the union with the nearly infinite.”

I am extrapolating this theory in my recent "Froth" series to apply to both a physical structural reality and a metaphysical both a life-giving force of nature - a primordial foam - and a destructive event caused by climate change or natural disaster. "Froth" is also a metaphor for the fluidity and churn of our collective psychology and emotional ties to each other...a perpetually changing landscape.

The language of nature is universal. We recognize ourselves in the organic; we search for ourselves in the synthetic. It is our responsibility to resist a fugue state and endeavor to maintain the health of our environment and our equilibrium with it. Our current ecological bureaucratic atmosphere supports an overriding indifference to the correlation between us and our world...a shortsighted mindset that will have irreparable consequences. It is an especially relevant discussion as the anthropocene, described as a time period during which humans influence the biosphere and its multiple systems, enters the common lexicon and we face an existential threat exacerbated by political motivations, greed, and torpor. We must be part of nature’s reclamation. Creative expression has the capacity to raise consciousness and reflect the shifting ethos. As artists we navigate our way through the expansive complexity of the world and filter our brief experience here through its beauty, fragility, volatility, disruption and constant flux.