Maggie Rose


Justice allows us to be judged. As a society of Americans, we have enjoyed more than 240 years of the American Experiment, begun in 1776 with The Declaration of Independence. Chaos and inequality of all types threaten the continued progress of The American Experiment in 2020.

With this work, “Just Society” I begin a new artistic direction that attempts to visualize the experience of the threats to democracy. I want to contribute to the documentation of our times by visually expressing the emotions, representing our culture of information indulgence in an atmosphere of growing propaganda and social disintegration.

I subscribe to the effort of recognizing our social disintegration in order to begin repairing the damage. I believe we must not use force or intimidation but encounter each other face to face in conversation, seeking common ground together. My hope is to spark conversation about how to build unity back into our social fabric, inclusively, with equal justice for all.