Marissa Bridge



Flower for Detained Children

In 2018, I was thinking about what to do for my first large 3-D flower piece. I was scaling up from a 6” x 6” panel to a 24” x 24” one. My Buddhist practice compelled me to create something that would make positive change in the world.  The news coming from the US border with Mexico was devastating, and I decided to do something for the children in the detention centers in Texas, the children that have been separated from their parents, placed in cages, and who have suffered terribly. I want them to know that someone is thinking about them, someone is sending them love and hope in the form of a white flower.

Do I think those children will ever see this piece?  I hope so, but it’s ok if they can’t. The intention is there. If the public sees it when it is displayed, they will know that I made this because I care about those children and their mistreatment by the US government. My share of the proceeds from the sale of this artwork will be donated to the Women’s Refugee Commission.