Yvonne Shortt




Yvonne Shortt is an African American visually impaired contemporary artist using murals, installation, and sculpture as tools for investigation.  Her areas of focus are race, disability, empowerment, and community. Currently, Ms. Shortt is seeking to democratize the mural-making process through her new initiative, the 4x4 Mural Project. Ms. Shortt is sharing her mural-making expertise and resources so more voices can be heard. In the outdoor mural process, Ms. Shortt has found that by painting on fabric she can complete an outdoor mural in her studio.  This means those who have trouble standing, or don't want too much auditory stimulation, or have problems seeing, can still create This way of working has been a game-changer for how she works on her projects and commissions, but it can be costly. With the 4x4 project, she will share her tools and materials for free with others in need. To learn more or contribute resources, go to www.yvonneshortt.com.